Houston Matchmakers

Houston Matchmaker Reviews

The amount of negativity going towards online dating & dating apps is at an all time high. You were starting to get this sense before Covid, but now, forget it. Houston matchmakers know this and they are seeing it in their numbers. More and more men & women are looking for matchmakers in Houston. Granted matchmakers in Houston aren’t cheap, but there are some options that help bring that price down (even some tips that let you use their services for free). Below are some of our best Houston matchmaker reviews, with some additional tips to keep that price down.

Professional Houston Matchmaking Services

Online dating is great for the casual relationship, but is down right horrible when you’re looking for a real relationship. Professional Houston matchmaking services know this and have such a high success rate, that I’m surprised many more aren’t using these matchmakers. You see, the biggest issue with dating apps is the actual business model. For these apps to succeed, it needs a constant flow of men & women coming in. If you notice, zero effort is put into quality. When you’re looking for the real deal, you absolutely want quality. On the flip side, a Houston matchmaker always looks at quality first because that is their business! Without quality, men and women would never pay for a matchmaker!

How Much Does a Houston Matchmaker Cost?

First let me tell you matchmakers are not cheap – at least in comparison to dating sites. It’s an unfair comparison, but it’s the reality. The cost of a Houston matchmaker is dependent on a couple factors.

First, let’s look at a Houston matchmaker cost for women. Women, believe it or not, make up the majority of paying customers with a matchmaker in Houston. Also to note that a paying female clients pays less than half than a man does. The price range we are seeing is between $2-5k.

Now, if you look at a Houston matchmaker cost for men, it’s definitely higher. The minimum is 5k, but realistically it’s closer to the 10k+ mark. It really depends on the network of women the matchmaker has, if she knows how to get the type of partner you looking for, then actually doing all the leg work to pull it off.

Can I Get a Houston Matchmaker for Free?

Don’t fret though, there are ways to get a matchmaker in Houston for free. In order to pull this off, you need to understand why this could occur. Let’s suppose a matchmaker has a paying male client and is having trouble finding the right partner for him. Then let’s say a perfect match comes into her network. The last thing the matchmaker wants to do is charge you, when she has someone that you’re a fit for. Now granted, is that paying customer a fit for you? Maybe yes, maybe no, but 100% worth finding out! After all, once you’e in a matchmaker’s network, the upside is tremendous

How Do I Pick a Matchmaker in Houston?

By being part of the Matchmakers Network of Matchmakers, you get access to our network of third party matchmakers. Furthermore, the neat part, we have insights into these matchmakers that many don’t have. We have insights into the type of men & women they are looking for, which markets, ages & more. By having this, we are able to direct your profile to the matchmaker that gives you the shot at success.

First, you would click the button below to be part of our network. A human will actually review your information and send it to the proper matchmaker. From there, the matchmaker would reach out to you to schedule a free phone call. This phone call lets you both discuss if you’re a fit for each other. Ask any question you like as nothing is off the table! If you’re looking to pay a matchmaker for their services, always remember everything is negotiable!

Dallas Matchmakers

Dallas Matchmaker Reviews

When it comes to Dallas matchmakers, it’s important to understand how a matchmaker is perceived. When online dating sites came on on the scene 20 or so years ago (wow, it’s been that long!), it forever changed human behavior on how we meet people. Then say 10 years or so ago, swiping & dating apps brought this whole level of excitement to the dating world. While there were tons of positives here, it has virtually all been eliminated. Think about it. If you’re looking for something casual, online dating & dating apps are amazing. But what happens when you’re looking for the real deal? Exactly, it’s virtually impossible. After all, the whole purpose of dating sites is to bring in volume of people, zero effort on quality. Flip that to a Dallas matchmaker, quality is the highest priority. This allows you to find that quality match. In this article I’ll go into Dallas matchmaker reviews & insights.

Professional Dallas Matchmaking Services

By far, the reason professional Dallas matchmaking services is growing is due to their track record. There is such a high success rate with matchmakers in Dallas that it’s no wonder they are growing at a rapid rate. Just like anything in life, when you focus on quality first, the outcome will always be better for all involved.

How Much Does Dallas Matchmakers Cost?

For a while there, matchmakers were crazy expensive. While the pricing is still high for some services, it’s nowhere what it use to be. Simply put, there’s too much competition out there. When it comes the cost of a Dallas matchmaker, you need to look at it from a male vs female perspective. When it comes to paid clients for a Dallas matchmaker, the majority of paying clients are female. The price point for a woman is about half of what a male pays. A female will paying anywhere between $2500-$5000, a male will pay a minimum of $5,000, but many it will be $10,000+.

Can I Get a Dallas Matchmaker for Free

Believe it or not, matchmakers will take on some clients for free. Thing is though, it’s all dependent on their paying clients. If the matchmaker feels you are fit for one of her matches, that Dallas matchmaker will take on you for free since they have a match for their paying client. Now, that doesn’t mean that match is a fit for you. That’s up for you decide, but it allows you to have an option to have a matchmaker in Dallas for free.

How Do I Pick the Right Matchmaker?

So you’ve decided you want to try the matchmaking route. At Matchmakers.info, we’ve partnered AND have deep insights into several matchmakers in our network. By having this access, we are able to route your brief profile to the proper matchmaker at the right time. By doing so, you are tremendously increasing your odds of success. This holds true if you’re looking to pay for a matchmaker, or hoping to be a free match for one of their paying clients

Step 1

Join Matchmakers.info for free. By filling out a brief form, including what you’re looking for, an actual human will review it & determine which matchmaker will give you the best chance of success.

Step 2

A matchmaker will reach out to you to setup a time to speak on the phone. This call will help you both determine the fit. The call is completely free & it will let you learn alot about the type of clientele they have. Many of the men that pay for these services are financially stable. Be sure to ask the matchmaker anything, nothing is off the table. If you decide to pay a matchmaker for their services, remember everything is negotiable.

Are There Cheaper Matchmaking Options in Dallas?

The old saying of “you get what you pay for” is very true in the matchmaking world. If you’re trying to keep your price point closer to $600-$900/month, there’s another option in Dallas. In this case, a matchmaker will create and manage your online profile. These matchmakers will actually message & reply to potential partners. After doing so, and if they feel its’a fit for you, you’ll be presented a very limited list of profiles with DEEP history. So instead of you spending hundreds of hours a month, this eliminates all that for you.

If this is more up your alley, click the button below & be sure to include that in your notes on submission.

Jacksonville Matchmakers

Jacksonville Matchmaker Reviews

With the growth of population in Jacksonville, combined with the negative experiences of online dating (at least for those seeking real relationships), it’s no surprise that Jacksonville matchmakers are popular. Don’t get me wrong, online dating apps do a great job in getting you a casual relationship, but not when it comes to the real deal. After all, the business model of a dating app is to bring in volumes of men and women, the thought of quality is irrelevant. Now, when you look at it from a Jacksonville matchmaker perspective, it’s all about quality. You deserve quality am I right? In this article, I will do a deeper dive into some of the best matchmakers in Jacksonville with some Jacksonville matchmaker reviews & insights.

Professional Jacksonville Matchmaking Services

The biggest draw to matchmaking services is the high success rate. Since professional Jacksonville matchmaking services look at quality over quantity, it’s no surprise the matches have a greater chance of sticking. Add in that there are no online profiles, and these potential partners are ones you won’t find online, gives you the best mix for success. Pretty soon you’ll bee saying bye bye to dating apps and hello to matchmakers

What is the Cost of a Jacksonville Matchmaker

The cost of a Jacksonville matchmaker varies, but it’s not anywhere as high as it use to be. First, a woman will always pay less than male paying client. That being said, there are more paying female clients than male paying clients. In terms of actual cost, men will pay between $7500-10k for a quality matchmaker, women will pay $2500-$4000 for a matchmaker. The price might feel like high to some, but remember, you are finding partners that you will never find online and are essentially vetted before being selected as a match for you. When it comes to matchmakers for men vs matchmakers for women, you still have an opportunity to use a Jacksonville matchmaker for free.

By being part of the matchmaker.info network of matchmakers, you’re details will be sent to a matchmaker that will provide you the highest probability of success. The needs of these matchmakers are constantly changing, it all comes down to their active paying client list. If you’re trying to go the free route, it comes down to you being an existing match for one of her existing clients. For men and women, this is still very possible.

Jacksonville Matchmakers Next Steps

By joining the Matchmakers.info network of matchmakers, we will put you in contact with a matchmaker that is best suited for them and you. Here are the 2 steps

  • Signup here with us: We’ll take you information and match it up with a matchmaker that will give you the best shot at success.
  • You and the Matchmaker have a call: The call is completely free. The goal of the call is for the matchmaker to understand your past, present & where you want your future to be. On your end, it’s to see if the matchmaker is a fit for what your looking for. In terms of pricing, there are two options. If the matchmaker feels you are a potential match for any of her paying clients, she will take you on for free. If you prefer a matchmaker to find you someone only based on your criteria, she will discuss what that pricing looks like.

Cheaper Jacksonville Matchmaker Options

In case you’d prefer not to invest that amount of money with a matchmaker, there’s a different option that has been gaining some popularity. You pay between $600-$1000/mo for a matchmaker will not only create your online profile for you, but more importantly, will handle all messaging with potential matches. The matchmaker will then present to you the profiles of the potential partners, with messaging history, allowing you to see a clearer picture. It’s not a bad option if you simply can’t afford a traditional matchmaker. If this is more your option, you can include that information when you join below.

Professional Orlando Matchmakers

Orlando Matchmaker Reviews

Orlando matchmakers are gaining in popularity. A few months after Covid, more and more singles were reflecting on their lives (isolation tends to do that to people!). Before Covid, there was already this sense of singles being done with the constant negativity surrounding online dating and dating apps – at least that’s the case when you’re looking for something serious. Online dating will always be around for the casual hookup, but for the real deal, those pool of people are being dwarfed by those seeking short term casual relationships. In this article, I will do a deeper dive into some of the best matchmakers in Orlando with these Orlando matchmaker reviews & tips.

Professional Orlando Matchmaking Services

Orlando matchmaking services continue to gain in popularity due to a multitude of factors. In simplistic terms, Orlando matchmakers simply have a very high success rate. Add in the fact there aren’t any online profiles (everything is offline), and someone else is doing the matchmaking work for you, the end result is a very high quality match. You see, the largest issue with dating sites is their business model. The business model of a dating site or dating app is to have a constant flow of people coming in (all about quantity). There is absolutely zero effort put into quality of members. So when you’re looking for something real, you absolutely deserve quality. Exit dating sites. Enter matchmakers.

Orlando Matchmaker Fees – How Much do Matchmakers Charge?

This is the question that made matchmaking incredibly difficult. Years ago, you couldn’t go near a quality matchmaker without spending at least $25,000. That was the minimum for Orlando .matchmaker fees (for the good ones at least).. Mind you, realistically you were spending a lot more than that. Fast forward to the present, the price points have come down significantly. Below we will look at matchmaking prices for women vs men.

Orlando Matchmakers For Men

There are essentially two types of pricing when it Orlando matchmakers for men. First are the paying male clientele. In this case, a matchmaker looks into your past relationships, gets a better of understanding of where you are presently, and what you’re looking for in the future. This allows her to secure the perfect match for you. This might take a couple dates, but the matchmakers success rate is insanely high – the good ones at least. In terms of price, expect to pay at least 5k minimum, but realistically, you will be closer to 10k. Granted everything is negotiable. The part that helps bring that price down is if that matchmaker already has someone in their network that is a match for you. Remember guys, these are the types of women you will not find on a dating app.

There’s also this other way for guys to get an Orlando matchmaker for free. Before I get into the steps below, you need to understand that the majority of paying clients for matchmakers are women. Granted their price point is lower then men, but there’s more paying women out there looking for a stable man. If you fit the bill, chances are you don’t have to pay a thing! Here are the steps to getting a matchmaker for free.

  • Signup here with us: Technically anyone could be a matchmaker, but we include the ones that have a really good track record. By doing so, your probability of finding a successful match exponentially increases. Since paying clients needs are constantly changing, a matchmaker that could be a fit for you today might not be tomorrow. Allowing you to use the services of a matchmaker for free! We have these insights from our network of matchmakers to route you to the right one.
  • Matchmaker & you have a call: This conversation is crucial. It allows the matchmaker to get to know you in a way that almost no one has ever sized you up for! Speaking to a matchmaker in Orlando will allow you to have a two way conversation and see if you and the matchmaker are a match. The possibility of a free match or a custom service is there from the outcome of this call.

Orlando Matchmakers for Women

I discussed this briefly before, but it’s true that a higher percentage of paying members are women, especially in Orlando. What helps those seeking Orlando matchmakers for women is pricing. You are paying far less to use a matchmaker than a man does, this is especially true in Orlando. So instead of that 5-10k min range, you’re looking at a 3-5k range. But don’t fret if that is above your means. Similar to men, there’s an avenue that allows you to use services of a professional matchmaker in Orlando for free. Doing so is rather straight forward

  • Signup with us here: The needs of our matchmakers are constantly changing, especially now as more and more paying members continue to use their services. Matchmakers in network have needs that are constantly changing. . As a result, by filling out our brief profile, we are able to take your information and properly match you with a matchmaker that gives you the highest degree of success. Not only does this get you a highly effective Orlando matchmaker, if seriously increases your odds of getting a free date out of it with a successful man (if you match her client & you are interested in her client of course)!
  • Have a call with the matchmaker: After filling out our form, the matchmaker will email you to setup a call. The matchmaker is trying to see if you’re fit for her male clients, while also seeing your background and mindset to see if it’s a fit for present day. On your end, whether you’re looking to go the free route or have a custom plan where she works for you, gets discussed after getting to know each other. Mind you, this is all 100% free for you!

Cheaper Priced Matchmakers

For some, the pricing of matchmakers might still be too high. If this is the case, there’s another option that has gotten pretty popular as of late. Granted, I said cheaper priced matchmakers not cheap priced! The price range of these matchmakers are $600-$1,000/month. Think of these matchmakers as your assistant doing all the work for you.

They setup your profile, online mind you, and the matchmakers are the ones communicating with all the men. The matchmakers are the ones determining if any of these men are a fit after communicating. It’s actually a really neat concept that allows you to simply be present with profiles with messaging. So you can see more of a complete picture of these potential matches. So instead of you doing all the online dating “work”, someone else is doing for you AND with a tons of extras.

Not only does this save you tons of time, but you can now see a history of what occurred. It’s still considered matchmaking, but it’s done very differently than traditional matchmakers. If you can afford it, I highly recommend using a traditional matchmaker. If you can not, this is an amazing alternative that can seriously provide you some interesting matches. If this sort of setup seems more your speed, fill out our form and indicate that in the notes section.

Miami Matchmakers

Miami Matchmaker Reviews

Miami matchmakers are in high demand nowadays. The shift of singles who are completely done with online dating continues to rise. As a result, the thought of getting in contact with a real Miami matchmaker is growing. It kind of makes sense though. I mean, online dating and dating apps serve a purpose. But what happens when you’re done with the casualness of it all & want something real? Do you really want to go through all the bs involved with online dating? You know what it’s like. No matter how fancy the marketing campaigns are with these dating sites, you’ll see first there is one common theme. A dating site or dating app needs a high quantity of men and women for the business to work. These business could care less about quality (sad, but true). Now you flip it to Miami matchmakers. A matchmaker in Miami only cares about quality, it’s how they get paid. Isn’t it quality you’re after? There’s a reason why Miami matchmaker reviews are trending up! If you’re looking for some of the best matchmakers in Miami, here are some options that would be right up your alley.

1. Professional Miami Matchmaking Services

There’s a reason matchmaking services in Miami have a high success rate with singles. Since it’s all about quality, a profession matchmaker knows how to find you the ultimate match. One neat component about matchmaking services that clients are loving is this one face: zero online profiles. In a hyper digital world, these matchmakers do not put their clients profiles online. The matchmakers keep your profile private & only communicate with you when they are highly confident in a match.

2. What is the Cost of a Miami Matchmaker?

Pricing. This is the one thing that deters many from using Miami matchmakers. The cost of a Miami matchmaker varies greatly. You can get a Miami matchmaker for free (I’ll share those details below), you can get a matchmaker in Miami for cheap (better than online, but not full service), or you can get Miami matchmakers that start at $10,000+. Always remember that you truly do get what you pay for. Some matchmakers will tell you it’s an investment, but ultimately, your paying for access to a type of person that you have not found. I’ll go into the cost of a Miami matchmaker below, as it’s split between women (who will always pay less) and men.

Miami Matchmakers for Men

The price a man pays for a matchmaker in Miami really depends on what they are looking for. Some men are easier to find a partner for than another. Successful men will have no issue utilizing the service of a professional Miami matchmaker. After all, she is working for you to find the partner you are really after. These are the types of women you’ll never find on an online dating site. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you had tons of fun with dating apps, but when you’re ready for the real thing, you just won’t find it there any longer.

If with all that, you still have a chance to use a matchmaking service in Miami for free. The chances of this happening are not high, but still very very possible. Here is the trick in down this:

  • Signup here with us: By tapping in our vast network of matchmakers, you probability of finding a successful match exponentially increases. Since most paying clients are females, if your match mirrors their clients need, that matchmaker will not charge you. As these needs are constantly changing, the timing of your interest combined with the active client list of the matchmaker, will determine where you profile is directed to for success .
  • You and the Matchmaker have a call: A lot is conveyed during this call. You are both trying to get an understanding of each other, then seeing if you’re both a fit. A matchmaker will know if you’re the real deal & if you’re a fit for any of her clients. She technically has the upper hand in the call, but that’s irrelevant for you as it’s just an initial phone call. The possibility of a free match or a custom service is there.

Miami Matchmakers for Women

As I briefly mentioned above, a higher percentage of paying clients are women, especially in Miami. Another interesting insight is the price that women pay Miami matchmakers is far less than their male counterparts. So right there, your price is already discounted. Similar to men, there’s an avenue that allows you to use services of a professional matchmaker in Miami for free. The trick is rather straight forward:

  • Signup with us here: Matchmakers in network have needs that are constantly changing. This is all based on their paying client list. As a result, by filling out our brief profile, we are able to direct information to the proper matchmaker in real time. Not only does this get you a highly effective Miami matchmaker, it also allows you to have a better shot of getting a free date out of it (if you match her client & you are interested in her client of course)!
  • Have a call with the matchmaker: You’ll receive an email from the matchmaker directly to setup a call. The call is basically a two way information gather session. The matchmaker is trying to see if you’re fit for her male clients, while also determining if you’d be a good candidate to use her paying services. On your end, whether you’re looking to go the free route or have a custom plan where she works for you, gets discussed after getting to know each other. Mind you, this is all 100% free for you!

3. Low Priced Matchmakers With a Twist

If the pricing is simply too high, or you prefer to have someone looking for you , there’s another option that has gotten pretty popular as of late. Basically it’s this concept of low priced matchmakers. Now, this isn’t necessarily cheap, but much cheaper than traditional matchmakers. The price range of these matchmakers are $600-$1,000/month. What these matchmakers do is create your profile for you and they go out there and do all the work. Essentially, they message potential candidates and see if they are a fit for you. Instead of you doing all the work and spending 10 hours a week between searching and messaging, they do all that for you.

The service will then reach out to you, the paying client, with a detailed report. This not only saves you a ton of time, but you can now see a history of what occurred. It’s still considered matchmaking, but using the online world to find your vetted matches. If this sort of setup sounds more enticing, fill out our form and indicate that in the notes section.

Tampa Matchmakers

Tampa Matchmakers Reviews & More

There’s an absolute reason why more women & men are turning to Tampa matchmakers now more than ever. As a matter of fact, this goes well beyond Tampa Bay. As a nation, dating sites & dating apps have simply lost their luster. What was first an amazing concept, still is to a degree if you’re looking for something casual. If you’re looking for something serious though, do you really want to go through all the weeds to find one potential gem? Whether your in Tampa, St Petersburg or in the growing suburbs such as Wesley Chapel, the matchmaking world is growing at a crazy rate. If you’re looking for some of the best matchmakers in Tampa here are some of your options.

1. Professional Matchmaking Services in Tampa

Professional matchmaking services have a tremendous success rate. These matchmakers do such an amazing job, but it comes at a cost. The cost of a matchmaker will run you at least $5,000, chances are it’s $10,000+. Now on initial glance, you might be thinking “why am I paying that much when I can go on XYZ dating site and pay just $30/month”? Well, the part that no dating site will ever tell you is this: a dating site is not looking for QUALITY people, they are looking for QUANTITY of people. The more and more men & women that join, the higher value that dating site is for the business. The keyword here is the business, not for you! Matchmakers on the other hand, it’s all about quality. That subtle difference is a HUGE one. This is one of the key reasons, post a Covid world, why professional matchmaking services in Tampa are on a roll.

2. What is the Cost of a Tampa Matchmaker?

As I briefly touched upon earlier, expect to spend at least $5,000, but realistically it’s closer to $10,000. Before the price scares you offer, there are some options that let you use a Tampa matchmaker for free.

Tampa Matchmakers for Women

Believe it or not, a majority of clients for matchmakers are women. Another interesting fact for Tampa matchmakers is the price a female client pays is less than a male client. Right off that bat, that helps bring your price down. Now, there is a scenario where women can use a matchmaker in Tampa for free. The trick is a simple one actually:

  • Signup with us here: Our network of matchmakers will allow us to direct your profile into the proper matchmaker hands. Our matchmakers tell us the type of women they need immediately, allowing us to take your short profile and direct it their way – easily increasing your success rate.
  • Schedule a call with the matchmaker: The matchmaker we select will reach out and schedule a call with you. This call is crucial. The matchmaker is trying to determine if you’re a fit for a paying successful male client they have. If you are also interested in her client, you have a date with a successful man all ready to go. 100% free to you!

Tampa Matchmakers for Men

The higher prices I mentioned earlier are paid by men. The more intricate your needs are, the higher the price. If you value your time and you have a specific type of female you’re interested in, using a Tampa matchmaker, or one that can fit your needs, is 100% worth the investment.

Also, you might be surprised to know that the majority of paying clients of matchmakers in Tampa are women. Granted, these women pay less than men, but have a higher percentage. As a result, there’s a chance that you can use matchmaking services in Tampa for free. Now the percentages are low, but still possible. Here is what you need to do:

  • Signup here with us: Our deep network of matchmakers allows us to pair you with a matchmaker that gives you the greatest chances of success. Matchmakers that are looking for certain type of men will be interested in your profile immediately. These types of matchmakers don’t broadcast this information. Additionally, it’s always changing. So who you would get routed to today, would be different than tomorrow.
  • The Matchmaker & You Speak: The phone call is critical. It’s a 2 way conversation to see if you’re both a fit. Additionally, if the matchmaker has someone she feels is a fit for you, there’s a great chance you can use her matchmaking services for free.

3. Low Priced Matchmakers With a Twist

Another emerging option that is gaining popularity are these low priced matchmakers that range in the $600-$1,000 /mo range. Now, by no means am I saying this is cheap. However, in the traditional matchmaking space this is cheap. What these services do is basically go out onto the online dating world & try to find you matches. These services will establish your profile, utilizing professional pictures and profile, and will also communicate with potential matches on your behalf.

Once these services have vetted the potential mates, they will contact you to report their findings. So instead of you spending hours upon hours each week messaging & getting nowhere, these professionals will do all that work for you. It’s still considered matchmaking, but using the online world to find your vetted matches. If this is more up your alley, fill out our form and indicate that in the notes section.

Matchmakers vs Dating Sites

Matchmakers vs Dating Sites

When dating sites came to the scene 20+ years ago, it was an amazing innovation. No longer do you have to go out and meet someone, you can simply do it from the comfort of your computer. The innovation natures of dating sites led to another innovative cycle in dating with dating apps. With dating apps introducing the concept of swiping, you are able to cycle through an enormous amount of potential partners in seconds.  What happened next is precisely why matchmakers are popular.

In this article we will discuss:

Dating Sites & Dating Apps Are No Longer Worth Your Time

With this hyperspeed of swiping, it led to a culture of casual dating. Which is all fine and good when you’re in the mindset of that. The problem is, what happens when you are looking for the real deal? You’ve had so much success in the casual world, that you would expect that a dating app won’t fail you when you’re looking for the real thing. 

Complete. Fail.

Going through the weeds of online dating profiles to capture the diamond in the rough nowadays is nearly impossible. The heartache, the headache, and all the other aches with online dating has forced many to abandon it all together.  Enter in Matchmakers.

Reality TV Loves Matchmaking Shows

When Patti Stanger came out with her hit show Millionaire Matchmaker, it was a pure tv hit. Single and married folks gravitated to the show in masses. Netflix now has a bunch of well received reality matchmaking shows such as Matchmaker India. Add in the Covid pandemic, you are seeing this huge shift in human behavior. When you are looking for a real relationship, going back to a dating app isn’t the solution. Using a matchmaker that truly understands what you’re looking and goes out there to get it, is growing at an insane popularity rate.

Shift to Professional Matchmaking Services

The shift to professional matchmaking services is as clear as day. Pre covid, you already had this sense of negative feelings towards online dating sites & online dating apps. Once Covid hit & life went through this hard reset, individuals are simply seeking more out of life. No longer are you willing to waste your time in the entire lead up to a date, let alone go on constant dates are complete failures. After all, the whole goal of a dating site is to get a high volume of members. There is absolutely zero effort in getting quality members.

How Does Matchmaking Services Work?

After sending in a brief profile with us here,  we will route your profile to the proper independent matchmaker in our network. One that will provide you the greatest degree of success (after all, the really good matchmakers like in our network, have an insanely high success rate). From there, you would set up a time to speak with your matchmaker. The conversation between you and the matchmaker might feel like a therapy session, but the goal is to truly get a sense of your past, your present, and where you want your future to be with your next partner.  Not only does the matchmaker filter out all the junk, the matchmaker will only present to you matches that have a high degree of success. Don’t believe for a second that a dating site has an algorithm that will do that for you (plus, isn’t algorithm a dirty word nowadays)! A skilled human matchmaker, with a network of members, will provide you results that you will never find through a dating app.

If you’re looking for more details surrounding the matchmaking industry, here is the ultimate guide to matchmaking, written by me!

How Much Does a Matchmaker Cost

How Much Does a Matchmaker Cost?

When it comes to using matchmakers, one of the largest holdbacks is the cost of a matchmaker. Many matchmakers will tell you it’s an investment in your future (let’s face it, that’s just clever marketing right!).Matchmakers cost money. Period. Now, the true matchmaker cost , essentially what you’re paying for, is time + access to their network. There is a way though, to get a matchmaker cost to equal $0. No really, there is a way. 

Below we will cover the following topics on how much does a matchmaker cost:

How Expensive are Matchmakers?

Very easily, some matchmakers charge 35k+. Some are in the 10k+ range, while other matchmakers are in the 5k+ range. There are some matchmakers entering the marketplace at a 2k price range, but you need to be very careful when you start going this low. Those are the prices for men. As a man, you also have the opportunity to get with a matchmaker for free, I’ll explain that below.

As a female, the pricing tends to be significantly lower. It can go anywhere from free to 10k, depending on the package you’re looking for. Don’t let price be a deterrent as everything is negotiable. 

The reason matchmakers are expensive is to find that needle in a haystack for you will take time.  Unlike online dating sites, there isn’t some fancy algorithm doing the work . In reality, there is no fancy algorithm in dating, these sites just want you to think  that. These dating sites are going after a volume of men and women, with zero focus on quality.

I went off topic. If you are worrying about price, some matchmakers are still willing to work with you. Just realize you do get what you pay for. After all, everything is negotiable!

Can I Get Cheap Matchmakers?

There are two ways to look at this. You can try negotiating a price down with a matchmaker so it’s in your price range. This is a fair way of doing this, as a paying customer is still a paying customer. You would still be tapping into the matchmakers network and there’s a change the matchmaker might have a qualified candidate in your location already. That’s the key part.

If you’re trying to keep your matchmaking service fee down, as the potential matchmaker if they have anyone already in their network that fits your description. If the answer is no, it will be hard for you to talk down that price. However, if the matchmaker does, then this is how you turn quality matchmakers into cheap matchmakers. (more like cheaper)!

Can a Woman Get a Matchmaker for Free?

Ah, this is what many are after! The ability to use a matchmaker’s network of men and women for free. Truth is, depends on your gender. The majority of paying clients are men. As a result, a matchmaker needs to find a qualified woman to match. If that particular woman is not already in the matchmaker’s network, then the matchmaker needs to go out there and find her.

Here is your chance.

By speaking to a matchmaker, you essentially become part of their private pool of eligible women. Now suppose that the matchmaker is in Miami, the male paying client is in New York, and you are in Dallas. Obviously this is not a match. A couple weeks pass and that same matchmaker now has a client in Ft Worth, Texas. Your location is a match – great. She would then review your private profile again. If she thinks you might be a match, the matchmaker would contact you to discuss further.

End result is the possibility of a free date for you with someone you approve of. That’s how you get a matchmaker for free.

Can I Get a Matchmaker for Free as a Man?

Initially you would think there is no way this could happen. Thing is, certain matchmakers in our network have paying clients that are 70%+ females! That’s crazy isn’t it? Well, it does make logical sense for those matchmakers with more paying women than men.

Now before you get too excited, there are certain parameters that you need to know about. The largest one by far involves a common theme between all these paying women. These paying females of some of these matchmakers are requiring their dates to be financially stable. You don’t have to be a millionaire, but you definitely need to be financially stable. 

Are Matchmakers Cheaper in Certain Cities

You would think that a matchmaker in New York City would be more expensive than say matchmakers in Phoenix. Thing is, it’s not so simple as location. There are always 4 pieces to the puzzle:

  1. Location – the paying male client and potential female need to be within a reasonable distance
  2. The network of the matchmaker – if a matchmaker lives in Boston, chances are she will have a good mix of men and women in Boston in her network. While that is great for those in Boston, that doesn’t mean her paying members are in Boston
  3. The location of the paying client – a paying male client doesn’t necessarily use a local matchmaker. Many times, a matchmaker outside to the area brings in a different perspective. By doing so, that matchmaker is able to tap into a different set of women that local matchmakers do not have.
  4. The location of the free female member – in order to maximize your chances, you want to be in multiple networks of matchmakers. That’s why we at MatchMakers created matchmakers.info. We have a network of matchmakers at our fingertips, allowing us to route your profile to the right matchmaker at the right time

What Should My Next Steps Be?

It doesn’t cost you anything to speak to a matchmaker. The good matchmakers like the ones in our network, will be able to weed out the time wasters really quickly. If you’re serious about wanting to use the services of a matchmaker, fill out our brief form here. After doing so, we’ll provide you details on the matchmaker that will not only speak to you for free, but give you the best opportunity to find the match you’re looking for.

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about how matchmakers work, here is our ultimate guide to matchmaking, written by me!

Why Matchmakers for Women are On Fire

Why Matchmakers for Women are on Fire

When dating sites and dating apps came out 20+ years ago, you rarely ever spoke to anyone about it. Now, it’s the only way to date. What started off an amazing way to meet people, has turned into this incredibly negative experience. Don’t get me wrong, if you love dealing with a bunch of time wasters to find one or two that might stick out, to find out it was just for hooking up, then by all means keep using it. For those women are out that are looking for the real deal, you need to start diverting your attention to matchmakers for women.

Below are the topics we will discuss in why matchmakers for women are on fire:

What is the Cost of Matchmakers for Women?

There are two ways to really answer this question. If you are looking to pay a matchmaker to find you a certain type of guy, the cost of a matchmaker would be $2500+ for women. It’s certainly not cheap. Thing is, you will get access to successful men that aren’t on any of the dating sites you’ve been part of (at least not any longer). The natural progression for men is to have their fun on dating apps, but ultimately don’t have the time or patience when it comes to finding a genuine relationship.

The thing about matchmakers that many women don’t realize is this: matchmakers can be free for women. Matchmakers paying clients are predominantly men. So a matchmaker has to find the proper match for his client. If a matchmaker feels that a certain female is the right match, the matchmaker would never charge a female. So technically, a female can use a matchmaker without ever paying. Lets not forget ladies, you truly need to stand out. There are tons of women vying for a matchmaker’s attention to land a successful man for a real relationship.

Also note that if you’re a female that pays for a matchmaker, the level of service you receive is incredible. You are truly in the driver seat for the type of man you’re looking for. So even though being a free female member sounds great, don’t underestimate the absolute value you get by being paid free female member (which is far less than what a man pays).

Should I Use a Matchmaker?

At the end of the day, it’s about results. The good matchmakers out there, many of which are part of our Matchmaker network, have an incredibly high success rate. You can of course do it yourself with online dating or friends of friends, but how has that worked out for you? I’m sure you had some high points, but I bet that your low points / frustration point far outweigh the good. If you’re saying to yourself should I use a matchmaker, remember this, what were your thoughts when you first started using online dating? That very first date you went out from online, do you remember saying to yourself “why am I doing this”? If you bring that mentality over to matchmakers, a whole new set of opportunities awaits. Instead of using technology with online profiles, you are using zero online profiles with an actual human doing the work for you.

Will My Profile Be Online with a Matchmaker?

The one truly negative part about online dating is having you picture out there. Pictures that other dating sites steal and put on their sites. After all, how is it that a site you never heard of has so many female profiles on it? That’s right, as we learned from many of the dating sites that were hacked is, many use fake profiles.

By using a matchmaker, your profile is not online. No one is going through your profile and messaging you. The only person contacting you is the actual matchmaker. That added layer of privacy alone is worth it. Let alone having access to some amazing successful men.

What are Questions Matchmakers Ask Clients?

The initial goal of a matchmaker is to get to know you. Without question, the matchmaker will ask you about your past relationships – the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is important as it helps shape your story. Not only does it help the matchmaker, but it oddly enough makes you more aware of what you tend to be interested in. Oftentimes, women are dating someone in a way they want to see their partner, verses the true way a relationship was .

Sometimes a matchmaker will have you address the worst relationship you were in, and have you explain what was good about it. Afterall, there had to be something about your ex that attracted you, just not enough to keep you in it.

Are Men Who Use Matchmakers Serious?

When you speak to enough matchmakers, they will all tell you it comes down to genuine effort. When it comes to men, they tend to get classified as simply playing the field. What is often left out, is how does a man act when he thinks he found the one? WIthout fail, that man wants to make sure their relationship is exclusive – initiated by him. Think about that, when a man is serious, he wants to make sure she feels the same way.

If you apply this thinking to a matchmaker, it’s very similar. A man makes a decision he no longer wants to play the field and wants to find a meaningful relationship. Additionally, he decides to do this by using the services of a matchmaker. To make it even more serious, that man is paying at least 5k (some are 10k+) to use the service of a matchmaker. A man’s mind and his wallet is being applied here. So the issue of “is he serious” is basically thrown out the window.

Dating Sites Do Not Equal Matchmakers

If we learned anything through the years, it’s that dating sites spend millions of dollars on marketing & technology to convince you that the one is here. What has experience taught us? It’s taught us technology + some fancy algorithm will never ever replace human intervention when it comes to truly finding a match. There’s an absolute reason that the success rate of matchmakers (the good ones at least) are so high. These matchmakers know who to include into their network, both on the male and female side. When you compare this to a dating site, it’s the absolute opposite. Dating sites need numbers, male and female profile. Those who have pictures and engage with members. That’s it, all the other details are irrelevant. With enough images and engagements, the paying customers come. 


Dating sites are all about volume (quantity), zero effort is placed on quality

Matchmakers are all about quality, very little effort is placed on quantity

When you’re looking for something meaningful, it’s quality you’re after, not quantity.

Can I Find Matchmaking Millionaires?

Most of the men that use matchmakers are successful. These are professional men that simply don’t have the time to waste. With that, many of the men that pay for matchmaker services are actual millionaires. Now, that doesn’t mean these men are better catches than those that are not millionaires. It’s just these men pay for the services of matchmaking millionaires to drastically increase their chances of finding the right meaningful relationship. 

From a woman’s point of view, you will certainly have access to more successful men with a matchmaker. The trick is being at the top of the list for these matchmakers. On the flip side, you can actually pay a matchmaker to find you the type of man you’re looking for. Generally speaking, matchmakers don’t charge as high of a price to women as they do for men (depending on your locations and wants).

Interested in learning more about matchmakers, take a look at our ultimate guide to matchmaking, written by me!