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Houston Matchmaker Reviews

The amount of negativity going towards online dating & dating apps is at an all time high. You were starting to get this sense before Covid, but now, forget it. Houston matchmakers know this and they are seeing it in their numbers. More and more men & women are looking for matchmakers in Houston. Granted matchmakers in Houston aren’t cheap, but there are some options that help bring that price down (even some tips that let you use their services for free). Below are some of our best Houston matchmaker reviews, with some additional tips to keep that price down.

Professional Houston Matchmaking Services

Online dating is great for the casual relationship, but is down right horrible when you’re looking for a real relationship. Professional Houston matchmaking services know this and have such a high success rate, that I’m surprised many more aren’t using these matchmakers. You see, the biggest issue with dating apps is the actual business model. For these apps to succeed, it needs a constant flow of men & women coming in. If you notice, zero effort is put into quality. When you’re looking for the real deal, you absolutely want quality. On the flip side, a Houston matchmaker always looks at quality first because that is their business! Without quality, men and women would never pay for a matchmaker!

How Much Does a Houston Matchmaker Cost?

First let me tell you matchmakers are not cheap – at least in comparison to dating sites. It’s an unfair comparison, but it’s the reality. The cost of a Houston matchmaker is dependent on a couple factors.

First, let’s look at a Houston matchmaker cost for women. Women, believe it or not, make up the majority of paying customers with a matchmaker in Houston. Also to note that a paying female clients pays less than half than a man does. The price range we are seeing is between $2-5k.

Now, if you look at a Houston matchmaker cost for men, it’s definitely higher. The minimum is 5k, but realistically it’s closer to the 10k+ mark. It really depends on the network of women the matchmaker has, if she knows how to get the type of partner you looking for, then actually doing all the leg work to pull it off.

Can I Get a Houston Matchmaker for Free?

Don’t fret though, there are ways to get a matchmaker in Houston for free. In order to pull this off, you need to understand why this could occur. Let’s suppose a matchmaker has a paying male client and is having trouble finding the right partner for him. Then let’s say a perfect match comes into her network. The last thing the matchmaker wants to do is charge you, when she has someone that you’re a fit for. Now granted, is that paying customer a fit for you? Maybe yes, maybe no, but 100% worth finding out! After all, once you’e in a matchmaker’s network, the upside is tremendous

How Do I Pick a Matchmaker in Houston?

By being part of the Matchmakers Network of Matchmakers, you get access to our network of third party matchmakers. Furthermore, the neat part, we have insights into these matchmakers that many don’t have. We have insights into the type of men & women they are looking for, which markets, ages & more. By having this, we are able to direct your profile to the matchmaker that gives you the shot at success.

First, you would click the button below to be part of our network. A human will actually review your information and send it to the proper matchmaker. From there, the matchmaker would reach out to you to schedule a free phone call. This phone call lets you both discuss if you’re a fit for each other. Ask any question you like as nothing is off the table! If you’re looking to pay a matchmaker for their services, always remember everything is negotiable!