date rich men

The few rich men on dating sites are not looking for real relationships. The REAL RICH MEN are using traditional matchmakers . If you’re looking to date a real rich man, give a real matchmaker a try.


Rich Men Do Not Use Dating Apps.

Thought you were about to meet a successful guy & it turned out to be a dud? That’s eliminated with human to human matchmaking.

No Time to Waste

Your time is too valuable to be wasted on dating apps. Find attractive women who know how to fit into a successful man’s orbit

Successful Men

Date Rich Men

The small amount of rich men on dating sites are never looking for anything serious – history has taught us well! Real successful & rich men don’t have time to waste. These men give thousands and thousands of dollars to matchmakers. Get access to these men by using traditional matchmakers.


No Online Profiles

Matchmakers do not put your profile online. I mean, who wants to go through all the BS online, especially when the man you’re looking to meet isn’t rich after all! Matchmakers will only reach out when they have a quality match for you. This eliminates one of the biggest issues with online dating apps.

Matchmakers fees

How Much are Matchmakers?

For men, matchmakers cost about 5-10k+. For women, the cost is $2k-5k. There is an option though, where you can use a matchmaking service for free. Highly selective process, only happens to 3% of applicants.


Your Dating Life Deserves an Upgrade

You deserve to date a successful man, but you need to know that online dating sites is NOT the place. By using a traditional matchmaker, you will be amazed on the exponential increase in quality that will come your way.

How Matchmakers Network Works

Fill out a brief form. Depending upon factors such as location & age, we will route your profile to the matchmaker that fits you best. The matchmaker will then go ahead and schedule a call with you to do a deeper dive into the next steps. This isn’t some high pressured sales call either! It’s a call to determine if you’re both a fit, cause believe it or not, it might not be.