Matchmakers vs Dating Sites

Matchmakers vs Dating Sites

When dating sites came to the scene 20+ years ago, it was an amazing innovation. No longer do you have to go out and meet someone, you can simply do it from the comfort of your computer. The innovation natures of dating sites led to another innovative cycle in dating with dating apps. With dating apps introducing the concept of swiping, you are able to cycle through an enormous amount of potential partners in seconds.  What happened next is precisely why matchmakers are popular.

In this article we will discuss:

Dating Sites & Dating Apps Are No Longer Worth Your Time

With this hyperspeed of swiping, it led to a culture of casual dating. Which is all fine and good when you’re in the mindset of that. The problem is, what happens when you are looking for the real deal? You’ve had so much success in the casual world, that you would expect that a dating app won’t fail you when you’re looking for the real thing. 

Complete. Fail.

Going through the weeds of online dating profiles to capture the diamond in the rough nowadays is nearly impossible. The heartache, the headache, and all the other aches with online dating has forced many to abandon it all together.  Enter in Matchmakers.

Reality TV Loves Matchmaking Shows

When Patti Stanger came out with her hit show Millionaire Matchmaker, it was a pure tv hit. Single and married folks gravitated to the show in masses. Netflix now has a bunch of well received reality matchmaking shows such as Matchmaker India. Add in the Covid pandemic, you are seeing this huge shift in human behavior. When you are looking for a real relationship, going back to a dating app isn’t the solution. Using a matchmaker that truly understands what you’re looking and goes out there to get it, is growing at an insane popularity rate.

Shift to Professional Matchmaking Services

The shift to professional matchmaking services is as clear as day. Pre covid, you already had this sense of negative feelings towards online dating sites & online dating apps. Once Covid hit & life went through this hard reset, individuals are simply seeking more out of life. No longer are you willing to waste your time in the entire lead up to a date, let alone go on constant dates are complete failures. After all, the whole goal of a dating site is to get a high volume of members. There is absolutely zero effort in getting quality members.

How Does Matchmaking Services Work?

After sending in a brief profile with us here,  we will route your profile to the proper independent matchmaker in our network. One that will provide you the greatest degree of success (after all, the really good matchmakers like in our network, have an insanely high success rate). From there, you would set up a time to speak with your matchmaker. The conversation between you and the matchmaker might feel like a therapy session, but the goal is to truly get a sense of your past, your present, and where you want your future to be with your next partner.  Not only does the matchmaker filter out all the junk, the matchmaker will only present to you matches that have a high degree of success. Don’t believe for a second that a dating site has an algorithm that will do that for you (plus, isn’t algorithm a dirty word nowadays)! A skilled human matchmaker, with a network of members, will provide you results that you will never find through a dating app.

If you’re looking for more details surrounding the matchmaking industry, here is the ultimate guide to matchmaking, written by me!

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