How Much Does a Matchmaker Cost

How Much Does a Matchmaker Cost?

When it comes to using matchmakers, one of the largest holdbacks is the cost of a matchmaker. Many matchmakers will tell you it’s an investment in your future (let’s face it, that’s just clever marketing right!).Matchmakers cost money. Period. Now, the true matchmaker cost , essentially what you’re paying for, is time + access to their network. There is a way though, to get a matchmaker cost to equal $0. No really, there is a way. 

Below we will cover the following topics on how much does a matchmaker cost:

How Expensive are Matchmakers?

Very easily, some matchmakers charge 35k+. Some are in the 10k+ range, while other matchmakers are in the 5k+ range. There are some matchmakers entering the marketplace at a 2k price range, but you need to be very careful when you start going this low. Those are the prices for men. As a man, you also have the opportunity to get with a matchmaker for free, I’ll explain that below.

As a female, the pricing tends to be significantly lower. It can go anywhere from free to 10k, depending on the package you’re looking for. Don’t let price be a deterrent as everything is negotiable. 

The reason matchmakers are expensive is to find that needle in a haystack for you will take time.  Unlike online dating sites, there isn’t some fancy algorithm doing the work . In reality, there is no fancy algorithm in dating, these sites just want you to think  that. These dating sites are going after a volume of men and women, with zero focus on quality.

I went off topic. If you are worrying about price, some matchmakers are still willing to work with you. Just realize you do get what you pay for. After all, everything is negotiable!

Can I Get Cheap Matchmakers?

There are two ways to look at this. You can try negotiating a price down with a matchmaker so it’s in your price range. This is a fair way of doing this, as a paying customer is still a paying customer. You would still be tapping into the matchmakers network and there’s a change the matchmaker might have a qualified candidate in your location already. That’s the key part.

If you’re trying to keep your matchmaking service fee down, as the potential matchmaker if they have anyone already in their network that fits your description. If the answer is no, it will be hard for you to talk down that price. However, if the matchmaker does, then this is how you turn quality matchmakers into cheap matchmakers. (more like cheaper)!

Can a Woman Get a Matchmaker for Free?

Ah, this is what many are after! The ability to use a matchmaker’s network of men and women for free. Truth is, depends on your gender. The majority of paying clients are men. As a result, a matchmaker needs to find a qualified woman to match. If that particular woman is not already in the matchmaker’s network, then the matchmaker needs to go out there and find her.

Here is your chance.

By speaking to a matchmaker, you essentially become part of their private pool of eligible women. Now suppose that the matchmaker is in Miami, the male paying client is in New York, and you are in Dallas. Obviously this is not a match. A couple weeks pass and that same matchmaker now has a client in Ft Worth, Texas. Your location is a match – great. She would then review your private profile again. If she thinks you might be a match, the matchmaker would contact you to discuss further.

End result is the possibility of a free date for you with someone you approve of. That’s how you get a matchmaker for free.

Can I Get a Matchmaker for Free as a Man?

Initially you would think there is no way this could happen. Thing is, certain matchmakers in our network have paying clients that are 70%+ females! That’s crazy isn’t it? Well, it does make logical sense for those matchmakers with more paying women than men.

Now before you get too excited, there are certain parameters that you need to know about. The largest one by far involves a common theme between all these paying women. These paying females of some of these matchmakers are requiring their dates to be financially stable. You don’t have to be a millionaire, but you definitely need to be financially stable. 

Are Matchmakers Cheaper in Certain Cities

You would think that a matchmaker in New York City would be more expensive than say matchmakers in Phoenix. Thing is, it’s not so simple as location. There are always 4 pieces to the puzzle:

  1. Location – the paying male client and potential female need to be within a reasonable distance
  2. The network of the matchmaker – if a matchmaker lives in Boston, chances are she will have a good mix of men and women in Boston in her network. While that is great for those in Boston, that doesn’t mean her paying members are in Boston
  3. The location of the paying client – a paying male client doesn’t necessarily use a local matchmaker. Many times, a matchmaker outside to the area brings in a different perspective. By doing so, that matchmaker is able to tap into a different set of women that local matchmakers do not have.
  4. The location of the free female member – in order to maximize your chances, you want to be in multiple networks of matchmakers. That’s why we at MatchMakers created We have a network of matchmakers at our fingertips, allowing us to route your profile to the right matchmaker at the right time

What Should My Next Steps Be?

It doesn’t cost you anything to speak to a matchmaker. The good matchmakers like the ones in our network, will be able to weed out the time wasters really quickly. If you’re serious about wanting to use the services of a matchmaker, fill out our brief form here. After doing so, we’ll provide you details on the matchmaker that will not only speak to you for free, but give you the best opportunity to find the match you’re looking for.

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about how matchmakers work, here is our ultimate guide to matchmaking, written by me!