Why Matchmakers for Women are On Fire

Why Matchmakers for Women are on Fire

When dating sites and dating apps came out 20+ years ago, you rarely ever spoke to anyone about it. Now, it’s the only way to date. What started off an amazing way to meet people, has turned into this incredibly negative experience. Don’t get me wrong, if you love dealing with a bunch of time wasters to find one or two that might stick out, to find out it was just for hooking up, then by all means keep using it. For those women are out that are looking for the real deal, you need to start diverting your attention to matchmakers for women.

Below are the topics we will discuss in why matchmakers for women are on fire:

What is the Cost of Matchmakers for Women?

There are two ways to really answer this question. If you are looking to pay a matchmaker to find you a certain type of guy, the cost of a matchmaker would be $2500+ for women. It’s certainly not cheap. Thing is, you will get access to successful men that aren’t on any of the dating sites you’ve been part of (at least not any longer). The natural progression for men is to have their fun on dating apps, but ultimately don’t have the time or patience when it comes to finding a genuine relationship.

The thing about matchmakers that many women don’t realize is this: matchmakers can be free for women. Matchmakers paying clients are predominantly men. So a matchmaker has to find the proper match for his client. If a matchmaker feels that a certain female is the right match, the matchmaker would never charge a female. So technically, a female can use a matchmaker without ever paying. Lets not forget ladies, you truly need to stand out. There are tons of women vying for a matchmaker’s attention to land a successful man for a real relationship.

Also note that if you’re a female that pays for a matchmaker, the level of service you receive is incredible. You are truly in the driver seat for the type of man you’re looking for. So even though being a free female member sounds great, don’t underestimate the absolute value you get by being paid free female member (which is far less than what a man pays).

Should I Use a Matchmaker?

At the end of the day, it’s about results. The good matchmakers out there, many of which are part of our Matchmaker network, have an incredibly high success rate. You can of course do it yourself with online dating or friends of friends, but how has that worked out for you? I’m sure you had some high points, but I bet that your low points / frustration point far outweigh the good. If you’re saying to yourself should I use a matchmaker, remember this, what were your thoughts when you first started using online dating? That very first date you went out from online, do you remember saying to yourself “why am I doing this”? If you bring that mentality over to matchmakers, a whole new set of opportunities awaits. Instead of using technology with online profiles, you are using zero online profiles with an actual human doing the work for you.

Will My Profile Be Online with a Matchmaker?

The one truly negative part about online dating is having you picture out there. Pictures that other dating sites steal and put on their sites. After all, how is it that a site you never heard of has so many female profiles on it? That’s right, as we learned from many of the dating sites that were hacked is, many use fake profiles.

By using a matchmaker, your profile is not online. No one is going through your profile and messaging you. The only person contacting you is the actual matchmaker. That added layer of privacy alone is worth it. Let alone having access to some amazing successful men.

What are Questions Matchmakers Ask Clients?

The initial goal of a matchmaker is to get to know you. Without question, the matchmaker will ask you about your past relationships – the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is important as it helps shape your story. Not only does it help the matchmaker, but it oddly enough makes you more aware of what you tend to be interested in. Oftentimes, women are dating someone in a way they want to see their partner, verses the true way a relationship was .

Sometimes a matchmaker will have you address the worst relationship you were in, and have you explain what was good about it. Afterall, there had to be something about your ex that attracted you, just not enough to keep you in it.

Are Men Who Use Matchmakers Serious?

When you speak to enough matchmakers, they will all tell you it comes down to genuine effort. When it comes to men, they tend to get classified as simply playing the field. What is often left out, is how does a man act when he thinks he found the one? WIthout fail, that man wants to make sure their relationship is exclusive – initiated by him. Think about that, when a man is serious, he wants to make sure she feels the same way.

If you apply this thinking to a matchmaker, it’s very similar. A man makes a decision he no longer wants to play the field and wants to find a meaningful relationship. Additionally, he decides to do this by using the services of a matchmaker. To make it even more serious, that man is paying at least 5k (some are 10k+) to use the service of a matchmaker. A man’s mind and his wallet is being applied here. So the issue of “is he serious” is basically thrown out the window.

Dating Sites Do Not Equal Matchmakers

If we learned anything through the years, it’s that dating sites spend millions of dollars on marketing & technology to convince you that the one is here. What has experience taught us? It’s taught us technology + some fancy algorithm will never ever replace human intervention when it comes to truly finding a match. There’s an absolute reason that the success rate of matchmakers (the good ones at least) are so high. These matchmakers know who to include into their network, both on the male and female side. When you compare this to a dating site, it’s the absolute opposite. Dating sites need numbers, male and female profile. Those who have pictures and engage with members. That’s it, all the other details are irrelevant. With enough images and engagements, the paying customers come. 


Dating sites are all about volume (quantity), zero effort is placed on quality

Matchmakers are all about quality, very little effort is placed on quantity

When you’re looking for something meaningful, it’s quality you’re after, not quantity.

Can I Find Matchmaking Millionaires?

Most of the men that use matchmakers are successful. These are professional men that simply don’t have the time to waste. With that, many of the men that pay for matchmaker services are actual millionaires. Now, that doesn’t mean these men are better catches than those that are not millionaires. It’s just these men pay for the services of matchmaking millionaires to drastically increase their chances of finding the right meaningful relationship. 

From a woman’s point of view, you will certainly have access to more successful men with a matchmaker. The trick is being at the top of the list for these matchmakers. On the flip side, you can actually pay a matchmaker to find you the type of man you’re looking for. Generally speaking, matchmakers don’t charge as high of a price to women as they do for men (depending on your locations and wants).

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