The Ultimate Guide to Modern Matchmakers

There was a time when matchmakers were looked down upon. Then when online dating came to the scene, you really never had a reason to use a traditional matchmaker. At the touch of your fingertips, you had unlimited access to find a partner. Fast forward to the present day, online dating has lost its luster. The downside to online dating has far outpaced the benefit.

Once Covid hit, this hard reset on life hit as well. One of the behaviors that has shifted is the downside of online dating sites. Men and women that went down this route, several times before, have simply had enough. Constant messages that lead to nowhere, to dates that were a complete waste of time. Remember when online dating, then dating apps came to the scene, it was an amazing thing. Those days are long gone.

Matchmakers have evolved as well, it’s just not spoken about often. Matchmakers throughout the country build a network of successful men and beautiful women seeking meaningful relationships. Did reality tv make matchmaking popular again? Or is it simple, humans are done with technology finding their matches. Enter in the human to human matchmaking world.

In this article, we will discuss:

Are Professional Matchmakers Worth It?

5 years ago or so, I would have thought that only a select few would need professional matchmakers. Then, technology simply exponentially increased your love, then ultimate hate, for online dating. Speak to any single man or woman that has used online dating for the past few years and you’ll hear a common theme, they are simply done with it.  

It’s no surprise that shows like 90 Day Fiance, Indian Matchmaking, Love is Blind a few other matchmaking netflix shows have captured the interest of many. Matchmaking reality tv shows are popular now more than ever – we can thank Patti Stanger a few years back with Millionaire Matchmaker .What makes matchmaking reality tv shows different this time around is the change in our human behavior. Remember, there was a time when you never heard of anyone using an online dating site! Hello 20 years ago

With that, humans are being more accepting of using a matchmaker  – essentially, being open to ANY OTHER route than online dating is now accepted. Professional matchmakers, with a modern approach, are now slowly being accepted again. It’s slow, as there will always be a sense of skepticism, but the upside is now outweighing the downside.

Matchmakers for Women

Matchmakers for women
Matchmakers for women

Every matchmaker is different. Matchmakers for women will have a different point of view than matchmakers for men. Individually, matchmakers have a list of men and women they are trying to match up. A matchmaker in San Francisco might have a divorced successful man who is 55 that lives in Dallas, while a Miami matchmaker might have a very busy yet successful 35 year single man that is looking for something meaningful in Florida. You see, if you were interested in the 35 year old man, but met the matchmaker in San Francisco, that matchmaker would not be a fit for you.

Since matchmakers do not use online profiles, you really would never know which matchmaker has what you’re looking for. That’s where we come in. We have a network of matchmakers throughout the country – whose needs are constantly changing. By being in the know, we can simply divert your profile to the one that suits you best.  This isn’t done by some fancy technology, it’s a human reading your inquiry and sending it to the proper matchmaker.

Oftentimes, matchmakers for women are free. This is particularly true if a matchmaker has a paying male client that you’re a match for. That’s amazing for women that are a match right off the bat! If you’re not an immediate match, you’ll simply be in the mix for when there’s a match. On the flip side, let’s suppose you’re a female that doesn’t want to wait. You can simply pay a matchmaker to find you the man you are looking for.  That’s amazing for women that are a match right off the bat! If you’re not an immediate match, you’ll simply be in the mix for when there’s a match. On the flip side, let’s suppose you’re a female that doesn’t want to wait. You can simply pay a matchmaker to find you the man you are looking for. These matchmakers for women are growing at a crazy rate too.

Matchmakers for Men

If you’re a guy looking to casually date, online dating rocks. I mean, you get to play all day long and you’re ok with the time wasters involved. Why even bother with matchmakers for men right?Thing is, at some point, you’re looking for more in a partner. Since you’ve had success in the casual game online, you naturally turn to online dating apps to find you a meaningful relationship. Then you come to find out it’s a complete waste of time.

It all comes down to access guys, especially for successful guys that understand the value of their time! More and more women are leaving the online dating world and using matchmakers, it really is that simple. I’m not saying there aren’t any women with online dating, I mean there are hundreds of thousands. Thing is, the true quality ones (you know the ones), it’s incredibly slim pickins now. It’s worth it for you to chat with a matchmaker. The price isn’t as high as you think, plus the investment you’re making will give you access to the type of partner you will never find on a dating app.

Matchmakers for Millionaires

Whether you are a female seeking a millionaire, or a millionaire seeking an amazing unique partner, we both know that finding this online in a meaningful way is nearly impossible. Matchmakers for millionaires cater to the higher end of the market. These are matchmakers that charge at least $5,000 (more like 10k+).  At first glance, your reaction is “damn”. But if you dive deeper, you’ll see this a bit differently.

If a man is spending 10k+ on a matchmaker, you know full well he has a degree of success & savings. That man also values time and quality over quantity. Read that again, time and quality over quantity. If you’re a female seeking to match with this millionaire, do you think you’ll sniff him out on a dating site? How many fake rich guys are out there ladies – tons!

On the flip side, don’t fool yourself. These types of matchmakers aren’t going to take on a pretty lady who can’t keep up a conversation. After all, these millionaires are looking for the real deal, if you can compliment his lifestyle, it’s a no brainer for you to speak with matchmakers out there.

Matchmakers New York City vs Matchmakers San Francisco – Does It Even Matter?

Initially, you would think that if you live in say New York City, you should find New York City matchmakers. While this is partially true, don’t assume this is your only option. Some of the matchmakers out there have a national brand of men and women seeking meaningful relationships.  I know of matchmakers in San Francisco that have clients in Miami, New York, Dallas, and Chicago. So remember, it all comes down to the client list of a matchmaker, don’t go by the location of the matchmaker alone.

Matchmakers for Professionals

Let’s suppose you’re a busy professional, male or female, and you don’t have time to was on a dating site. Matchmakers for professionals absolutely understand this. While the potential mates aren’t considered wealthy, their upside is tremendous. These sorts of matchmakers are some of the best ones out there as well. Of course, this all comes down to speaking to a matchmaker and truly laying out what you are looking for.

What is the Best Matchmaking Service?

This is a very deceiving question. If you’re a paying client, the best matchmaking service is the one that does everything in their power to find you the partner you’re looking for. Not only are these matchmakers attentive to your needs, you want their communication to be amazing. We work with several matchmakers that believe their clients are always their top priority. These matchmakers practice what they preach!

Now if you’re a free female using a matchmaking service, don’t expect these matchmakers to be constantly communicating with you. If you are a match for one of their clients, you will absolutely be hearing from them. It doesn’t hurt for every once and awhile to reach out to the matchmaker to be top of mind.

Be sure to understand why dating sites are nothing like matchmakers Since you are adding a human component interested in quality and removing the technology component interested in quantity, you are naturally increasing your probability of success..

Matchmaking for Beginners – Is That Ok?

Not only is matchmaking for beginners ok, matchmakers prefer that! Like anyone new to anything, there’s an education period. Since matchmakers actually speak to their candidates (human to human), expectations are set up front. As a result, being a beginner means you are coming in with a fresh set of eyes. Matchmakers love this as it makes their job easier, giving you the best chance of finding the partner you’re really after.

How Much Does Matchmaking Cost?

I briefly touched upon the cost of matchmakers, but here’s a deeper breakdown. When a female gets in contact with a matchmaker, the matchmaker is trying to see if you already match up with one of their paying male clients. If you do, then the matchmaking process begins rather quickly. It will cost the female nothing. Now, if you aren’t an immediate match, there still is no matchmaking cost. You will simply get contacted once *and if* you are a match. If you are ok with paying a matchmaker to look for you, then you’re right at the top of the list. Expect the cost to be from $1500+

Matchmaking costs for men are completely different. Chances are, you have a certain set of parameters you’re looking for. As a result, you’ll have no choice but to invest in a matchmaker. Don’t look at matchmaking as a cost, look at it as getting truly quality results, verse quantity. By eliminating the noise, you get matches that are closer to what you’re looking for.  In terms of the cost for a matchmaker, it depends on a couple factors. What location does the female need to reside now, how far would you be willing to go to meet here and how many different women are you looking to meet. Figure $5000 as a minimum. I know, sounds pricey. But if you find truly what you’re looking for , it becomes well worth the investment. Chalk it up to a really good Vegas weekend!

Matchmakers for Seniors

Matchmakers for seniors are growing at an incredible rate. A combination of living longer + divorces happening at all ages, is allowing many seniors looking to find a meaningful partner. Instead of wasting time on some dating app, seniors are looking to matchmakers. Not any matchmaker either. These seniors have money and are looking to find a specific type of partner. Some matchmakers for seniors do an amazing job finding the right partner, while some simply don’t have the rolodex of partners to match you up with. has a select few matchmakers we work with when it comes to seniors & matchmaking.

What is the Matchmaking Process Like?

Believe it or not, the matchmaking process involves multiple human touchpoints, the exact thing that dating sites steer you away from. Initially, you fill out a brief online application with From there, we will route your profile to the proper matchmaker in our network. After doing so, the matchmaker will reach out to you & schedule a call. Here, you and the matchmaker will discuss your background, what you’re looking for , and ultimately see if you are both a fit for each other. If it’s a fit, the matchmaker is taking it from here. You don’t have to reply to all these annoying messages that you would with online dating sites. When your matchmaker is reaching out to you, it’s always quality not quantity!

Matchmaking Companies vs Individual Matchmakers

First let’s define these two terms. Matchmaking companies are essentially larger matchmaking agencies with a larger staff. Individual matchmakers generally have one main matchmaker with a small staff. Both have some pros and cons, but always remember that you will have a relationship with your individual matchmaker.